Sisters Bronte

Among the three sisters Bronte (Anne, Charlotte, Emily) Emily and Charlotte were the most popular. Emily was the author of her only novel “Wuthering Heights”, published in 1847, about a gipsy boy, picked up by a landowner in Liverpool, and brought up by him as one of his own children.

Emily Bronte (1818-1848) lived in the world of her own imagination. She died at the age of thirty, leaving a great number of lyrical and philosophical poems:

Castle Wood

The grief that prest this living breast

Was heavier far than earth can be;

And who would dread eternal rest

When labour’s hire was agony?

Dark falls the fear of this despair

On spirits born for happiness;

But I was bred the mate of care,

The foster-child of sore distress.

No sighs for me, no sympathy,

No wish to keep my soul below;

The heart is dead since infancy,

Unwept — for let the body go.

In Charlotte Bronte’s (1816-1855) “Jane Eyre” is told about a poor girl, educated at a miserable boarding school and sent to Thomfield Hall to teach the daughter of Mr. Rochester. Jane Eyre is not beautiful, but Mr. Rochester falls in love with her. Mr. Rochester has a wife. When Jane learns that his wife is alive, she runs away. Later Thomfield Hall is burnt down and the wife is killed. In his attempt to save her, Mr. Rochester is blinded and loses all hope for future. On hearing of all the tragedy, Jane marries him and makes him happy.

All the sisters Bronte died when they were young. They were nice and talented. They managed to reveal the brutality of social life, introduce the reader to depths of passions and inner world of their personages.

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