Elizabethan Drama. Tragedies.

Among those dramatists who wrote tragedies the most outstanding were Thomas Norton and Thomas Sackville who together wrote the first real tragedy in blank verse, performed in 1564. Its name was “Gorboduc”. The fact was that Thomas Norton wrote the first three acts. Thomas Sackville wrote the rest two. The tragedies of those times were less popular than the comedies, because the tragedies were very dull, the story of the play was told, there was little action on the stage, and the blank verse was too poor. The plot centres around King Gorboduc and his family, but nothing is done on the stage except several movements.

In the “Spanish Tragedy” (1592) written by Thomas Kyd there is much blood. The plot is tragic and horrible: the ghost of a murdered son appears to the father. Death is the main character of the play.

The name of Christopher Marlowe is worth mentioning while speaking about Elizabethan Drama.

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