Margaret Drabble

Margaret Drabble has written many novels usually with female leading characters. She follows her heroines through their education and on to their careers and family relationships: “The Radiant Way” (1987), “A Natural Curiosity”, “The Gates of Ivory” (1987-1991).

Margaret Drabble’s novels concern the moral condition of England. She has a respect for physical reality, that’s why her novels often lack imaginative power. The strength of her fiction rests in its 19th century seriousness. She cares about the way we live, and her attitude to the contemporary English society is harsh, where puritanism is offended by individualism, which has nothing in common with respect to each other. On the other hand, Margaret Drabble admires those characters who manage to live their own way, by standards they have chosen for themselves Thus it is not easy to solve the problems of modern living. But she is sure that her books help to make our understanding of society more profound.

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