Angela Carter (1940-1992)

Angela Carter is a writer of wit and rich imagination. A kind of magic can be found in her novels “Nights at the Circus” (1984) and “Wise Children” (1991). These novels are called magic realism novels where day-to-day realistic events mix with unexpected elements of dream. Mythology, fairy tale are combined with “a strong narrative drive”.

The history of English poetry in the 20th century supports the idea that poetry is essentially a private art form. That is why the story of English poetry in the 20th century is a story of individual figures. Nevertheless, there are several common features in their work, because those who live through the same social and political events may share a common outlook on them. The poets of the Second World War were very different from those of the First World War. They did not go to fight with the same hopes as those of World War I. Neither did they feel that their job was to warn and inform the people at home. The time for heroic patriotism was over for ever. The strongest poems are often those which describe personal experiences rather than world events.

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